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10. Siedlungspolitik Israel - Zionist/Israeli Planning: The Fabrication of Israel IV.4: Mobility

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About the Usurpation and Destruction of Palestine through Zionist Spatial Planning

A Unique Planning Issue

Viktoria Waltz - Herausgeberin - Dortmund 2010 – Eigenverlag

Die hier in loser Folge zur Veröffentlichung vorliegenden Texte geben einen detaillierten Einblick in die Vorgänge, die zum Konstrukt Israel geführt haben und lassen keinen Zweifel daran, dass es unter den bestehenden zionistischen Rahmenbedingungen um nichts geringeres als das Ganze geht, um ein jüdisches Israel ohne Palästinenser und mit keinem Impuls für zwei Staaten, die nebeneinander leben könnten und auch nicht um eine Integration Israels in den Nahen Osten, sondern um die Fortsetzung des aggressiven, zerstörerischen Kurses bis hin zu weiteren Kriegen. (wöchentlich mittwochs online)
Part 10

Faisal Awadallah, Ahmad Atrash
4. Transportation and Mobility in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Conclusion from last part IV 3 (see part 9 and before under Archive Nov./Dec 2010):

It is obvious, that Israel’s last attack on Gaza is not the end. The ‘disengagement’ was an interim step and one has to realise, that the 'settlers' of Gaza were only transferred to the West Bank in order to fill in the Jerusalem illegal colonies.
Moreover, Gaza is not at all a 'liberated' area from occupation. Still parts of the region in north, west and south Gaza the ‘buffer zones’ are occupied and grabbed land. The Israeli military is entering the region from where and when ever wanting: by planes, helicopters, bulldozers, tanks and even with missiles from the sea side. The seldom rackets from the Palestinian side are always a reason for military attacks. Illegal killing of supposedly terrorists with civil 'casualties' is part of a still ongoing threat, pressure.
We have to conclude that the question of Gaza Region is not finished. Will it be part of a future 'Palestinian State'? Will the total usurpation of ‘Israel’s Hawaii’ only be postponed?
The following part will go into transportation and mobility in Gaza and the West Bank.

Faisal Awadallah, Ahmad Atrash
4. Transportation and Mobility in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The current Arab-Israeli conflict is more than a century old; namely since the start of the establishment of Jewish colonies in Palestine in the late 19th century. Some claim that the conflict goes back millenniums ago; however, historical evidence indicates no significant conflict between Arab or Muslims and Jews in Palestine ever occurred before the beginning of the 20th century.
UN resolutions, diplomatic missions, wars, and ethno-national violence were not able to figure-out this high profile conflict; albeit, it is a longstanding necessity where no one could disagree or argue on the importance to solve this conflict for the sake of Middle East and international peace and security. Walls of segregation have fallen throughout history; bridges, mobility, and coexistence are the key to harmony and peace. However, experiences from post-conflicts areas have proven that it is more problematic and challenging when dealing with the associated infrastructure of segregation artefacts, namely roads. This section will elaborate on this doctrine of de facto immobility and further investigate the existing mal-distribution of services, as well as spatial segregation along nationality. ...

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