Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2008

Aufruf der Free Palestine Alliance

Statement of the Free Palestine Alliance on the Wholesale Zionist Murders in Gaza

The Free Palestine Alliance condemns in the strongest terms the wholesale fascistic Zionist attacks against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. Using the lies of targeting military and police centers, the Israeli killer army is in fact targeting entire families, killing fathers, mothers and children. To the time of issuing this statement, at least 206 Palestinian have been murdered and more than 400 severely injured. The number of victims are expected to rise, and Israel's Zionist assault is expected to continue and widen, as Israel has declared.

While we hold the Zionist fascistic regime fully responsible, we also hold the Palestinian Authority, the Egyptian government and all Arab regimes equally responsible. How many more meetings and conferences will be held before a mere and meager condemnation can be issued?
The PA headed by Abu Mazen must come to an understanding that its continued role of servitude to Israel places it squarely responsible for the killing of our people. The Egyptian government can't turn a deaf ear as it shares in the starvation of our people by insisting on closing the borders. The Arab regime must be held responsible for its unabated complicity in the ongoing killing fields.A time must come, and that time is now, when fascistic Israel must be stopped in its murderous campaigns against the Palestinian people. How long can these atrocities continue unabated, and how long will the international consciousness remain unshaken by a Nazi like regime that is shameless in its hate and colonial bigotry?

We call on our people to demand an immediate stop to any and all relations with the Zionist regimes. All Israeli embassies must be closed and all ambassadors must be expelled. We call on the Egyptian people to march to Rafah and open the borders that have been shut closed by the government of Egypt. We call on the Arab masses and communities in all 5 continents to take to the streets in solidarity of our people. The Arab people no longer want to hear about Arab League meetings and inconsequential condemnations. The time has come for concrete steps to affect change.

Enough declaration and lies! Colonial Zionist hate and murder must be stopped!
We call on the newly elected United States President, Barak Obama, to recognize his historic role in immediately halting the long standing complicity of the US government in Israeli genocidal campaigns against the Palestinian people. The US can't continue to support Israel with endless military, economic and diplomatic support while the US economy itself is sinking, homes foreclosed and jobs lost. A new US moral policy must come to fruition, or at least begin to move in that direction.
Finally, but most importantly, we salute the heroic people of Palestine, especially those of Gaza. We salute your steadfast and recognize your pain, for it is also ours.
Together, we will undoubtedly triumph.

The Free Palestine Alliance, December 27, 2008

Brief Vorschlag an Condolezza Rice, Secretary of State

Stop funding the Israeli war machine and the murderous attacks on Gaza!

Dear Secretary of State,

I join with people all over the world in condemning the murderous attacks carried out by the Israeli military against the people of Gaza. Because of the U.S.-backed Israeli blockade and strangulation of the people of Gaza for the past 18 months, there is little or no medicine to treat the wounded, electricity for hospitals, or food or clean water for much of the population.
The U.S. government sends $15 million each day to Israel. In addition to the military attacks against the people of Gaza, Gaza City residents are without electricity for up to 16 hours a day and half the city's residents receive water only once a week for a few hours.
These are war crimes, and crimes against humanity. I demand that the United States end all funding for Israel.


Und an die Bundesregierung:

Wie die meisten Menschen in der Welt verurteile ich die mörderischen Angriffe des Israelsichen Militärs auf die Menschen in Gaza. Die Blockade der letzten 18 Monaten hat die Bevölkerung von Gaza derart stranguliert, dass es an Medizin fehlt um Verwundete zu versorgen und an Strom in den Krankenhäusern. Vielen Menschen fehlen Nahrunsgmittel und trinkbares Wasser. Die Bewohner von Gaza Stadt sind fast täglich bis zu 16 Stunden ohne Strom, die Hälfte der Stadt erhält Wasser nur einmal in der Woche für ein paar Stunden. Dies sind Kriegsverbrechen und Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit. Täglich bekommt Israel 15 Millionen Dollar aus den USA - Die Bundesrepublik zahlt Millionen für Entwickungshilfe an Israel ! Stoppen Sie diese Gelder - sie verwandeln sich in tödliche Waffen gegen das palästinensische Volk!